Worked on a project form 8AM-12midnight straight and wanted to copy the project somewhere else.
My stupid brain just shift + delated the whole working project.
lmk if it's just me or have any of you also done stupid mistakes like this?
Just so I can calm my bird brain and at least think of another career path.

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    There's this magical 3 letter word, devs who delete things should invest the time to look into.

    Give me a G
    Give me a I
    Give me a T

    What do we have?

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    What @COD4 said, plus : do take a look at testdisk and photorec. There is a chance you're not completely fucked yet.
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    @ilPinguino Install recovery software in a pen or external disc.

    I had files corrupted due to recovery software being setup in the same place of the disks I wanted to recover
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    If you haven't done this at least once in your career...

    curse you.

    But, yes, source control is the answer. Frequent check-ins or commits will save your ass.
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    @pmso yeah, that as well...
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