Any strong opinions on giving resignation notice via email? I've previously given notice in person during a 1 on 1 conversation, but I had good relationships with my managers. I work at a larger company now where I feel like the paper trail could be valuable, and I don't have a very warm and fuzzy relationship with my manager. I feel kind of sleazy just sending an email, but asking for an out of the blue zoom meeting just feels weirder somehow than tapping them on the shoulder for a quick chat.

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    Both. Ask for a meeting and send your already prepared email att he end referencing aforementioned call.

    PS: And don't "hide" the purpose
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    Both is best, if you can schedule some time - have the meeting, leave on good terms, then send the email for a paper trail (most companies will require it in written form anyway.)

    If you can't schedule the time with your boss though, don't let that be the reason for delaying your resignation.
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