So the interns tried to 3d print a rubberduck and it got stuck mid way.

Guess i have a coding duck now
I call her "Detached HEAD state"

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    Why u no render <head> section 🤔🤔
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    They tried to print a duck, not a rubber duck. It's not rubber, so it's not a rubber duck. It's a duck. Just a duck, for duck's sake...
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    Headless mode
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    git reset --hard HEAD
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    @BillAfe Debugging
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    @BillAfe Okay, well you do it by talking to the duck, explaining your code line by line to it as if talking to another human. By doing this, you may spot the bugs in the code.
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    <confession> I ++ed for the flashy mouse behind the headless duck... </confession>
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    @Deserter works with real ducks too
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    @fexed you have no idea how much i would love an actual duck running around in my office to debug with.
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    @R5on11c that's an awesome scenario, going in my bucket list
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    Laughed out loud for this. Still doing it! :)
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    LOL I'd give you gold if this was reddit.... or if I had money
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    Looks like a broken door knob
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    @R5on11c I mean, you can have a live duck running around the office, but it has to wear a diaper :/ And then you can't take it seriously...
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    Let's print a plastic form of something made of rubber which represents a concept of a species/organic matter. #interns
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    @CrankyOldDev They tried to print a model of a duck, not a duck. It's not made from organic matter, so it's not a duck. It's a model of a duck. Just a model of a duck, for model of a duck's sake...
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    I just have an extremely dumb boss that I try to explain things to. Usually when talking to him, I come up with new solutions to try.
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