Did I tell you that X third party system needed to be updated due to that pos using flash? Yes

Did you bitch about budget constraints and finding workarounds and stuff like that? Also Yes

Did I mention that X system was crucial for people and that we were not going to be able to do anything about it if we did not allocate the time to modify that before it happened? Also Yes

Did I mentioned this on multiple occasions? Yes

Was my team also pulled out from working on the alternative before this happened? Yes

Did I send multiple emails about this, talks, meetings and documentation of me saying all of the above? You betcha

Oh well 🤡

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    Based on your story I know exactly who you are @AleCx04.

    By deductive reasoning I have determined you are me.
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    To: everyone@mycompany.com
    Subject: I told you
    Now it's too late, don't count on me to fix your mess.
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    @react-guy wish it was the case, the system falls under my department and I was pushing on this new release for months precisely because I knew something like this would happen and it kept getting blocked. Now we are here, we have found a workaround, but still, this shit needs updating STAT
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    @AleCx04 your work ethics is admirable. However, I believe that these kind of situations happen because we are too easy on fixing things that we warned would break.

    Let them sweat for a while at least. They never will listen to us if we keep cleaning their mess without any complains.
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