as a self taught developer,

these youtubers want to kill me, lots and lots and lots of junk.

and I am trying to absorb them all.

I'm weak

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    There's a thing called tutorial hell. Guess you are stuck in it.Checkout some other options of learning/gaining experience.

    1. Make some real project that people use and isn't just a repo in your github . am an android dev and have seen millions of guys trying to teach me how to build some big e commerce app in 30 minutes. Those giys are just passing bullshit: the outcome of those 30 minutes isn't even good enough to impress some toddler. If your app/product/project isn't being used by real people, its just a mock .

    2. Do some free lance gigs/open source stuff/internship/job : reading other people's code is way better knowledge than a youtube vid.
    The more you are interacting with real problems and real solutions, the lesser difficulty you would feel. Experience is a learning of its own
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    Kahn Academy is not bad.
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    @Demolishun lol. what can I say? I love free stuff. I've never paid for any coding classes.

    the ones organized by Nigerians are even costlier. a pity
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    The paradox is that you actually need to be a good developer to define whet is junk and what is not.

    Learning programming was way easier a decade ago when there was not so much shit content.

    Internship is the way to go. With or without school.
    Just my two cents.
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