I’ve got a great idea for an app.

So, it’s like the apps that allow you to pay rent or pay power bills or you know... order things... manage things... all the user interface apps out there that we use... but the twist is... that we could make apps like those / that don’t fucking suck! What do you think? Just make things... that aren’t super shitty and useless and beyond frustrating.

Who’s in?

I bet it would even make you more money than doing a super fucked half-assed job.

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    “It’s not my fault... I’m just a coder... I’m not a designer...”
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    Sounds good but also sounds a lot like a marketing pitch. what is your battle plan?
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    I have a perl scraper for my shitty local bank and use curl to log-in and get my balance because their website sucks dog dick.

    Just add a UI and baby you got a stew cookin.
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    @webketje My plan? Hopefully to train a new generation of designers. But - everyone else is on their own. I just figure - that every time people think "This crappy thing is good enough" - "or I didn't talk the time to think about it" - they could do "a good job" instead. Since we all have to deal with the fallout.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I'm pretty sure it's your duty to make a video about this.
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    @sheriffderek yeah, all people working in companies are lazy shitheads doing the minimum, and you can all make it better all by yourself...

    Educated guess : are you under 30?
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    @sheriffderek Don't think that's how it goes, rather:
    Designer shows proposal to mgmt. Mgmt is 20 years behind in UI/UX understanding and wants modals and big tables everywhere and sends designer to do back his/her work. Comes back with half-assed design that he/she was barely motivated to do, mgmt loves it & it goes live..

    Most users are so accustomed to shitty form-based apps that they simply won't understand a more intuitive flow until someone pulls them out of the paradigm they know and explains them why it is better (speaking from exp.)
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    @react-guy incorrect guess. Just a human who isn’t ok with bullshit. I’m 39 currently. It’s pretty public.
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    @webketje Sounds like a boring world-view. I guess you have no control over how life unfolds?
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    @sheriffderek well I do... I choose to stay at my shitty dayjob for financial stability and after hours I do open-source or freelance work where individual UX input is not overruled by mgmt. But still some ppl just refuse to be educated about this and customer is king =/
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