dear boss,

I can't work if you're calling me every 5 minutes to check on my progress. You're only slowing us down. I suggest you resign.

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    This is my biggest pet peeve of all time. Especially when dealing with production issues. I'd sometimes get called for an update before I'd even opened an ssh session...

    Dude, you just simultaneously pissed me off, slowed me down, and broke my concentration.
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    haha, it is recommended to black out the boss =0=
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    "Hey, boss...you know why they call it micromanaging?"

    "Because the boss tries to manager every little thing?"

    "No, because the person who does it has a very low EQ"
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    dear boss,

    your fired gtfo.

    angry dev
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    I just used dnd on phone a lot. Especially when working on production stuff. If you find out the next day the phone is still on dnd - you know why the rest of the day before was so productive
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    @rooter Oh but people get sooo mad at me when I do that, not just my boss. Fuck them
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    @eo2875 never forget who is more important for who. You're a good dev, a unicorn. Replacing you is easy, but it will hurt them a lot (training and some new dev asking higher salary because he already had nice job) etc. You can't work with that thing ringing. That's a fact. Do they ignore facts? Hammer your horn trough them
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