I have been trying to get fiber installed at my location for over a month now. It is really frustrating. They have been out 4 times and every time there is another reason they cannot get it installed. I finally got all my ducks in a row to make it happen and I have to wait until the 20th for the install. Great, my country is literally going full retard and now I wonder if war will stop the install now. Grrrrr......

This brings me to tethering. I have been tethering my internet right now. I have 20GB of bandwidth of 4G speeds. When that runs out I get shitty ass 300KBPS. Yes, bytes per second. You can do almost nothing at that speed. That is using the built in tethering program that comes with Android. This is where I get to the grey area of tethering.

I decided to try the ClockWordMod Tether app to do USB tethering. Apparently that is full speed 4G. So I can work and do whatever with that. I feel like I am gaming the system. Part of me doesn't care, part of me says I shouldn't.

What are your thoughts on tethering using alternate methods. Am I going to the Nether?

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    this stuff happens to me all the time. when my data balance gets low my internet slows down to the point that I can only chat with it. I can't even open a webpage. I have always suspected my ISP
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    Just close the portal, okay?
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    That's what happens when you rant so much that 20GB are used up in no time. ^^
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    At least you got 300kbps.. I would have 32kbps after using my 3 GB. Even a dial up modem is faster...
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    @sbiewald he specified he has 300 kBps though
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    @electrineer Well then.... I don't even see a reason why he complains ;)
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