I don’t work for AWS, but this just one reason why my LinkedIn profile doesn’t list the companies I work for.

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    The narrative is strong in that post. Do people actually believe the "official story"?

    Yeah, I started getting spam at work when I updated my linked in. So I went in and misspelled my last name to prevent this. Utter scum on Linkedin.
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    I was just talking to someone yesterday about how it's a privacy concern to just have a Linkedin profile out there...
    It just feels more and more like a Linkedin profile is a necessary evil to get a job.
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    @CatFoodParty yes. For me, I list all of my experience but instead of listing past employers, it’s just the name of my consulting business I run on the side. When asked during interviews I explain the difference between my resume and profile.
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    fearmongering go brrrrrr
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    @Demolishun Only thing i see in this image is some people with a god complex, crying and playing victim.

    I swear if they said they were poor with their 200K salary.
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    This is standard at some places. I used to work for the police force and we were told not to disclose where we worked on any social media or even mention it to anyone if we went abroad.
    I know people who work for pharmaceutical companies that have been told similar things.
    If you work somewhere that has any risk of being targeted then it makes sense not to advertise it. It’s really bad pr for anywhere if their employees start getting harassed.
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    I mean, I would be ashamed of myself if I worked for Facebook or Amazon anyway
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