Have you heard of the Sysadmin from hell?
I am now convinced that dictatorship based on merit is the only way to achieve stability. One learns to say no or to just ignore stupid ideas.
True, I have no merge conflicts (with myself). I will kick your ass if you should cause one in my config files I keep in git.

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    It isn’t the best solution, but it definitely has its merits.
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    It's all about security vs convenience. Standardisation will be tough to implement and I will need to prepare my ansible playbooks to allow some flexibility. Once it's in place, there will be less wiggle room to play as the workflow gets clearer and the security becomes tightened.
    Dictatorship is just saying that someone has to enforce this. If not, then anyone with sudo privileges can set passwords on accounts enabling direct access to bypass the standard route of authentication.
    That shit needs to end.
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