Oh look a database, lets search it..

800 hits later, great, lets look at them all.

*Only displays top 100*

FX [ Angry look... ]

So, how the hell do I get to look at the other 700 !!!

Reminds me of some years ago a job website, that would only display the top 100 in searches, out of like 50,000 jobs..

Only solution was to search every single sub entry, only a few thousand of those !

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    Depending on dbms..

    select top 1000 ...

    select ... limit 1000

    Also, some db tools have "pages" for returned data.
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    If there are no pages, sort by ID and use a where clause to exclude any IDs you’ve already seen.

    Tedious but would work.
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    > Your search returned 685 results.

    > Only the most popular 70 devices shown.

    How do I get all 685..

    Why limit folk to the top 70 !

    Is there another phone database I can search anywhere which lets me search for all the QWERTY keyboard phones ?
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    @Nanos holy pony, people still want such phones? When it comes to design, i like it a lot. Blackberry looks nice. Please post what you'll buy :)
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    @rooter slightly off topic but yes, im one of those who'd take a physical keyboard over touch any day.

    it's a shame no one makes high-end phones with physical keyboards anymore, Priv was the last one.
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    @bananaerror I dunno. A lot of people can type blind on touch.. I think all younger people can. I mean.. I just wrote this message blind and just found our that I can do it too. Fuck, I suck. I use smart key so if I'm 70% OK, it will fix l. Try it
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    I'd quite like one of these Cosmo Communicator, once they come down in price 2nd hand:



    h t t p s : / / w w w . a n d r o i d p o l i c e . c o m / 2 0 2 0 / 0 2 / 2 6 / l a p t o p - p h o n e - c o s m o - c o m m u n i c a t o r - h i t s - 3 5 0 - c r o w d f u n d i n g - g o a l /
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    I rather like this:


    > Nokia E90 review

    But it doesn't do the web so well these days.
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    What I'm planning to upgrade to at the moment, which is affordable, is one of these:



    h t t p s : / / w w w . g s m a r e n a . c o m / m o t o r o l a _ p h o t o n _ q _ 4 g _ l t e _ x t 8 9 7 - 4 8 8 5 . p h p


    > Motorola PHOTON Q 4G LTE Review

    But they don't come with a SIM socket, you either have to solder that on yourself, or pay someone else to do it !

    I do worry that it won't be as good as the Nokia E90...
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    But I want a phone for my mum..

    Currently she uses one of these, and finds it too complicated, so I want an older model that is like it with a big screen, easy to read text, big backlit buttons, cursor keys, no funny movement wheels. ( She has arthritis. )

    And a full number line keyboard, so you don't have to press other keys each time you want a number..

    I'm not sure such a phone exists..

    She only needs it for telephone calls ( Sound quality needs to be good, as she has hearing aids. ) and SMS/TXTing.
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    Tried one of these:

    > OGO CT25e



    h t t p s : / / v o w e . n e t / a r c h i v e s / 0 0 8 2 3 2 . h t m l

    But the back lighting isn't great, and its got funny scroll wheels for access..

    She doesn't like it..

    ( It's like trying to buy a phone for a teenager ! )
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    Tried one of these, but the font size is just too small, plus the buttons are also on the really small size, and you can't read the legends on them easily either.



    h t t p s : / / w w w . t r u s t e d r e v i e w s . c o m / r e v i e w s / a l c a t e l - o t - 8 1 0

    It's almost as difficult buying a phone for a parent as yourself !

    Also, it needs to be a clamshell design, otherwise the screen will get damaged too easily in her handbag.. ( Which if you know anything about, tend to be filled with more clutter than a rednecks barn ! )
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    After typing for 35+ years, I still need to look at the keyboard for all those funny keys that are never in the same place on every different keyboard..

    For example, on my phone, this key:


    is 2 spaces to the right of my spacebar.

    Whilst on my PC, its to the left of my backspace key..

    Now, I used to be able to touch type on this handheld Sharp 3000 PC just fine, since the keyboard was big enough, but anything smaller, my fingers are too big..

    But I had to carry a separate phone..

    A person only has so many pockets !
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    One possible solution is something with 29 pockets, but sadly they aren't waterproof. :-(

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    As for big pockets in a waterproof coat for your qwerty phone, the best solution I can recommend is this:


    > Barnett Harley-Davidson -

    > Men's FXRG Leather Jacket
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    > slightly off topic

    In my world, there is no 'off topic', only more message threads !

    Of course, here we are limited to a single message thread. ( How quaint and old fashioned.. )

    Though multi-threaded technology has been around for oh, 35+ years..

    Seems the rest of the world hasn't caught up yet, even Facebook only recentlyish upgraded from single threaded to, double threaded !

    Just think, in another 10 years, they might go triple threaded !

    Meanwhile, in other parts of the universe, 50 threaded chats are the norm..

    So, in my threads, anything related is just fine and dandy, and encouraged !

    Otherwise, we never hear about half the interesting stuff we should do.
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    @rooter I've tried many keyboards (android) and all of them are missing one thing or another, and Gboard seemed to be the most complete.

    HOWEVER auto-correct on there is complete garbage, it is so bad I actually had to turn it off. I'm not even talking about correcting typos to out-of-context words, I mean correcting ALREADY CORRECT WORDS TO INCORRECT ONES.

    "I have you" gets changed to "I gave you" for no reason, "out" becomes "our" randomly. Then you have the odd "bot" becoming "not" almost every single time, just to name a few. The worst thing is, there is no option to tell it "if it's already correct, let it f*cking be." I just don't understand what sort of person in their right mind went "oh yep, that's right, WE know what you want to say more than you do, so f*ck your correct words, take these instead."

    This wasn't supposed to be a rant, but I guess it is now.

    @Nanos I was surprised to see devRant single-threaded actually, but noted!:)
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    @bananaerror I also turn off auto-correct !
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    @Nanos holy pony, respect. Will check them all. Thanks dude!
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