Confession: I use DuckDuckGo but half of my searches begin with !g or !s (to search with google and startpage respectively) 😔

DDG is disappointing me, for dev-related searches is perfect but for other things sometimes I'm not getting the results I expect, especially when searching for something that is local to my country/region/language

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    I think you don't get the idea of ddd in any way. Sorry, but wtf.

    Also, I hate that I can't order pizza at Mc Donald's. Mc Donald's disapoints me
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    Doesn't DDG license Googles search results?
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    @rooter 🤔 you are saying that I shouldn't use ddg for everything then? Only for certain searches or what?
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    @rooter What's the idea of DDG, to brag about privacy? It's a search engine and doesn't work upto the mark, your analogy doesn't make sense.
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    If you really care about quality of search results, you shouldn't be using DDG
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    DDG is good. The problem imo with Google is that we have come to expect everything to just fall into our laps in about 2.7 microseconds. A little diggin hasn't hurt anyone ever.
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    DDG does its best considering it doesn't track you and your behaviour.
    So yes, it won't get everything right and you'll find your self on page 10 at times.

    Google: knows what your about to type before you even start typing it. This is both amazing, and creepy as shit, that we have allowed ourselves to become predictable to an algorithm.

    For niche areas of Dev, DDG can't find what I need, weirdly Bing can do a better job for some searches.
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    DDG is good but the search results from Google are far more personalized due to the infinite amount of data they collect from you, your family, your neighbors, fellow citizens and countrymen.
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    @C0D4 I thought DDG used Bing under the hood?
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    @ReverendLovejoy yes and no,
    It does use bing but not exclusively. It also uses yahoo, wolfram, yandex, Wikipedia, and relies on the instant answers (community provided search results)

    So it has the search down pack, but what it lacks is behavioural context, this is where Google wins the war as by entering "node" as a JS Dev, you would get NodeJS, but if your searchers are heavily around xml, well that's a different node again.

    DDG can't handle that underlying behaviour so you have to provide more information in your search to try and get where you want to be.
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    @cafecortado you like features that will affect your privacy. In that case just use Google. No service will offer it without raping you when it comes to privacy. Maybe apple is bit better in it people claim..

    But as long my friends are using the internet like they do now my privacy is dead anyway. I don't even have to screw it myself.

    I just choose Google to screw me and avoid other screwers. I'm cheap but not a slut for other companies too
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    @theabbie you've only read half my message, or half of his message. Or just you got bitten by weird Indian snek :) or all of them.
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    @rooter apple doesn't have a search engine though 😔
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    Yes. Duck is definitely subpar for searching obscure porn.
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    @C0D4 hmm.. Om not an apple fan but would be interested
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    @rooter there's rumour of apple making one, which would be interesting how they plan on being "useful" with the lack of acclaimed tracking.

    DDG is almost good, but sometimes you just need that more refined search Google offers to find what you're looking for.

    It's a shame there's not better way of doing search without taxing your life story.
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    @C0D4 the advertisement business model is a cancer (no nicer word for it). I actually wanted to pay for youtube because I didn't like the fair amount of advertising in Netherlands. But now - it is batshit crazy and very unethical advertisements. Maybe I don't even want to pay them. It became a blackmail almost.

    I dream about an paid youtube not from Google. Free for creators, low pay by users. Half year to year free maybe
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