Worst Hackathon ? When you have coded so hard during 48 hours to have a functional prototype and the winners get trophee with a static PowerPoint, full of bullshit buzzwords...

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    Ugh, non-technical hackathons and idea pitches are the worst!

    I'm fine with that if it's startup pitching, which I've been doing for a while now in my alternate self. However, this is a HACKathon, not idea competition for fucks sake. I love it when the judges are all developers.
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    Been there
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    I hate this cz I can relate 😔 it's so disheartening when you've literally been awake for 48hrs and the flashy PowerPoint team wins 😐
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    Even worse, was up for 36 hours straight and had to present. I had never used Go before, and learned it and wrote a backend and iOS client by myself. I didn't even place top 3. The winner made Tic Tac Toe in Scratch. I looked at the score each judge gave me after wards: 2 judges gave me 19/20 and the other gave me 2/20. I would've won 1st if he had given me at least a 13.
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    Same happened with me
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    Sounds like business people 🙄
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    Happend to me aswell, but worse. My friend and I attended a fintec hackathon. We implemented a great prototype but we did not get nominated, which was ok for us.

    But then we saw what kind of bs the others implemented. Then we asked the jury, why we've not been nominated. Then they realised that they missed to score us... 😮😔 our project would have won. 🙄
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    lel ... Don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle. Trust me, the winners had a decent app too. Don't be so sad that they also put effort into marketing
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    @varundey happened to us !!! 😂
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    @codeorbit right in the feels. 😢
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