The worst part of hackathons are schedules which leaves no time for actual coding!
I was once at 2 day event. Day 1 contained an intro lecture, 'getting to know your team' exercise, idea generation phase, idea feedback from industry people, mandatory coffee breaks, and a little bit of coding at the end.
Day 2 consisted of 'adding thet final touches to your hack', a random lecture from the company hosting the event, info from the judges on how to pitch, a trial run of the pitch and then the final pitches...
I barely think we got to code for 3 hours.

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    The trick is to not sleep
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    @SuspiciousBug or sleep during the lectures
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    @vigidis Yep. Or a perfect illustration of how they tend to forget that meeting time eats up coding time.

    "How long will this task take?"
    - A minimum of 16 hours of pure development.
    "Great. See you in 2 days when you'll demo the finished product. Oh and by the way I've booked you for 10 hours of meetings."
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    I overheard the trick no. 1 is to prepare code or use a hackathon to put some final touches to an existing project that somehow matches the topic, or trick no. 2 don't do any programming at all, just team up with a project manager and a designer and make a click dummy out of the designs.
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