I'm tired of react.js' overbearing presence in almost all facets of development. It doesn't matter what kind of job postings I see, Front- or Backend Developer, a baffling amount of companies want react, react-native, next.js, etc. I'm exhausted by people singing high-praises to its name, hearing ad-nauseam, that it is the most immaculate 'framework' to ever exist. Everything that react does makes - of course - sense and is the only logical way to do web-dev and the react-way worms it way to other technologies as well.

"React is the fastest, bestest and most popular ever and you should feel ashamed for not having mastered it. By the by, since it's so easy to use and learn, if you can't build a high-complexity enterprise SPA within a week with it, you must suck as a dev".

True, nobody words it like that, but that's how I feel about almost any react related articles that pops up every single time. I couldn't get into react. I didn't find it easy and I never could adopt that thought-model necessary to work with it for any even mildly complicated SPA and boy, did I get some nasty feedback for it. I get it, I do. I'm slow and definitely not proud of it, but react simply makes no sense to me. I'm not even saying that react is bad. It's just not my kind of technology. The fact that I used nest.js for a backend application makes feel bad, because it's "too much like Angular".

Everything has to be "react" nowadays and that's how I feel every single day, while I have that damocles sword looming over my head.

The current dev-world makes me want to abandon anything IT related at this point. It's simply not fun, it's more suffocating than it ever was.

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    "There's too many front end options!"

    Also Programmers:

    "OMG there's this one option that is everywhere!"
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    Try game dev as a hobby.

    All platforms are shitty when you need to use in your job. Because they don't give time for you to learn it and they go for the most popular platform, ignoring if he in-house devs know the technology and the work that others had done (React and Facebook).

    PS: I'm one of the guys who thinks the new UI of the Facebook is complete shit. It has too much "blank" space, things that I don't use so much fills 2/3 of my screen, everything is too big and the friend list sorting is shit (Why groups don't appear? Why friends that I talk daily don't appear, but friends that I never talked with appears?)
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    @N00bPancakes I never complained about too many choices. Sure, it leads to choice fatigue, but I appreciated at least a more diverse landscape. But it's not just that react is used for JUST the web-dev but it crept already into mobile development. What next?
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    @angry-ak oh shit is this Nicole?
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    @dUcKtYpEd Sorry, but it was really screaming "time for memes". No, can't say I'm of the female gender.
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    I’d rather use Angular any day over React. It’s good thing I’m not looking for a front-end/fullstack web dev job rn, since that React bs is everywhere. The redux pattern is just shit. React is just shit. Everyone’s using React cause everyone’s using React - not because it was any better than some other framework. Time to prod - yes - it can be almost as fast working with it as is creating something with Vue, but eh... React is a big fat nope nonetheless

    & OP, don’t feel bad for using Nestjs for backend since it’s too much like Angular - that is a good thing, especially if you can take full advantage of rxjs and fastify.
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    @100110111 Thanks. I know you're a tiny minority of people that says this outright and means it.

    It's not like I have large history with Angular. I remember my boss sitting me down and asking for a PoC but done in Angular (v.5 back then) "because it looks a bit like Java". I liked it but was always bewildered by the sheer hate Angular gets from people. Online polls like from Stackoverflow make it appear like Angular was forced onto people and ate their offspring. Vue was also fun to work with for a small project I had to do, because the templating reminded me so much of Angular with its directives. It could do so much more than react out of the box. But you don't see too many companies asking for that particular framework, despite its online cred.

    And I'm no rxjs guru, but patterns like Observer Pattern are so easily done with it. I love the concept of Observables in general. Together with Dependency Injection, it's legit fun to work with.
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    @angry-ak I hear you, and I wish everyone who had the power to choose the front-end framework to use heard you too.

    We use mostly Vue at our company when it comes to frontends - mostly because NO ONE WANTS TO USE REACT.

    As a senior I used to have in my team once said: if it’s small, use Vue, otherwise go with Angular. Never ever use React.
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