First rule of web design
The customer is always wrong!

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    I recently had to talk a client out of keeping their 2003 flash navigation complete with sound effects. 😒
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    @Seethe Flash? really? *facepalm*, they are all stuck in old ways and want new stuff, go left if you want to go right... nothing makes sense 😐
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    @MarShal really... Flash. Yeah I had to explain to them that that won't fly for their mobile visitors, and the rest of the visitors are not going to care for the sound effects.
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    @Seethe the irony is we all get so angry about these issues but we realize that they don't have the slightest clue about what's happening...even modern browsers are stopping their support for flash (albeit slowly). Seriously good luck! Dealing with those clients are a pain
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    I always say this. I even gave a presentation to the accounts department and this was slide 2 material.
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    I would love to get actionable advice from experienced web designers. And learn about the tools they use.
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    Thank you!
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