Just finished a rant about rererereinstalling windows (sorry, in a ranty mood), and now I have another reason to rant. Not the 10 new and exciting bloatware apps. Again. Lovely. No, this rant is about Edge.
You know, the new browser Microsoft is soo excited about (or was when it came out)? Just found out that it won't connect to Googles links to download chrome (tried 4-5). Because, you know, I might need to develop something. Incredible. That's some pretty high level *insertSpecialWords* from the Microsoft Edge team. "uhhhhh so your Highness, sir customer destructinator sir, our browser isn't that great. Everyone is still using chrome."
"how about we stop them from downloading that freaking amazing browser. That should stump them."
"wonderful sir! Amazing. We'll implement that straight away."
There's even a try this list of "suggestions" to fix this "problem". Including:
> Make sure you've got the right web address.
And my personal favorite, is less subtle:
>search for what you want!
Umm, I did. And then you blocked me from doing the one thing that I would realistically use this browser for. Aaand after the windows 10 forced update debacle, I'm not feeling especially "friendly" towards windows' "suggestions".
No worries though. I installed Firefox (not blocked) just to install chrome. Great job Microsoft.

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    Install Firefox to install chrome? Browserception. 😂
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    @thmnmlst oh boy here we go again 😂
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    @thmnmlst the fanboy that takes it as a personal attack and defends it at every cost 😅
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    @thmnmlst it's not edge as a whole. Or that it doesn't work on generic Google pages. It's that it blocks the chrome installation pages from loading.
    I used edge as my for my primary for a couple weeks before I got frustrated with it's performance. It has a decent ui though. And I'm also on insider builds. Probably a poor choice on my part though. I don't handle the instability well( ;) see rant).
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    @nitaj96a and after formatting install linux
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    @thmnmlst don't feel bad. I am like the only person in the world that liked Vista. No loved Windows Vista.
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    @thmnmlst hahaha chill dude, just let them rant on a platform that is dedicated to... Well... Ranting
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    @coppergold me to bro, except that it was slow.
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    @thmnmlst I just tried youtube, gmail, google with edge and I did not have any problem at all... just ONE little notification, asking me to use chrome, at gmail. Even that could be clicked away by a "no thanks" button. Don't see any problems here
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