!sure if rant

i think i just realized the main reason i hate programming even though i love programming.

i love being able to think about whatever i want to think whenever i want to think.

but programming jobs inherently and many segments of own hobby projects often require me to think about something specific which someone else requires me to think about...

does that make any sense?

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    It perfectly makes sense and it also makes sense that when you are making a software as a hobby or job, you are software developer and not just a programmer. And as a developer you have to think of multiple paradigms like ui/ux scalability, security, network reliability, ai communication , etc.

    As the scale of a product grows, these tasks are divided into domain specific professionals like designers, security engineers, backend , frontend, etc but for small scale projects, you are everything
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    "for small-scale projects, you are everything"

    more like "for all of your own projects of any scale, you are everything"

    #stillIneptAtNetworking #notReallyTryingAnymore
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