Isn't it fanbloodytastic when you switch dev teams and your former team mates start blaming you for broken builds?

Fortunately I had logs to cover my arse. F*** blameworthy company cultures.

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    I know the feeling all too well. Introduced a critical show stopping bug (I didn't test throughly enough, entirely my fault) once, fixed immediately within the hour.

    Learnt how to unit test, learnt how to write acceptance tests, learnt selenium, behat, the whole shebang, wrote close to a thousand unit tests and a few hundred acceptance tests.

    Learnt how to use Jenkins and do automated deployments to a staging environment, commandeered a spare computer to use as a CI host for Jenkins, Changed the entire software release process for the company. Introduced a set of thorough human testing guidelines, appointed a dedicated beta testing team from all departments and the users both regular and management followed the guidelines. Caught every single show stopping bug introduced after that day before production.

    Same bug was still held over my head until the day I left.

    Piss take.
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