I have seen things you people wouldn't believe...

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    I believed things u never saw 🕵
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    Invoke REST call.

    Catch exception:

    Invoke REST call with a different library.

    Catch exception:

    Invoke REST call with third library.

    Catch exception:

    Write rest call in some file in current working directory.
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    @azuredivay honestly, i dont get the appeal of macos over linux or windows. The ux is kinda shit. And not to mention, multi tasking is terrible. You can't even have more than 2 windows share the screen real estate. Like wtf?!
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    YOU people?

    As if we're all somehow one big, easily stereotyped, scapegoatable, underground community or something. Phht come on.
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    This is a blade runner quote isn't it...? O.o

    ...Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion?
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    I have seen C- beams glittering at Tenhauser's gate.
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    @nickhh All these... Moments will be lost in time.
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