I die, go to hell and my punishment is to write software for hell network that is having power problems due to light source disruptions and is running on Windows 95 on FAT32 without any service pack.

Network speed is trough 300bps dial up modem. Protocol is over IPX/SPX.

My task is to write interactive websites that are replacement of modern websites but in VBScript, ActiveX, IE 4.0.

I have 10 managers that tell me what to do and scream when I miss deadline that is set everyday without my knowledge at random times.

They send me an email and 5 minutes later they arrive at my desk to ask me about it.

I must work 16 hours a day before I can leave the place and if I won’t show up police beats me and escorts me to the office.
If I’m late a second I don’t get payment.
I can’t afford to rent a place so I sleep in the sleeping bag.

It doesn’t matter much cause as soon as I fall asleep phone rings until I wake up and my manager screams about the problems he have for about an hour.

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    I run my entire operation, in 2021, on LTE.

    I am already in hell.
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    Very clever strategy, I hope it will bring success
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    Not trying to be offensive here, but it sounds like you live in some kind of totalitarian country with zero labor laws.
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    I have a strong déjà vu feeling about this rant - but i still like it...
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    Run ... Delete de code ... Delete the repo and run
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    Oh god oh fuck
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