It's so annoying, the SEO of the website is so difficult to do. Yesterday there were more than 40 and no ranking today

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    Better leave it to the experts
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    @theabbie seo experts are often a scam. Be careful. Everyone and their dog seems to be doing pro Seo services nowadays
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    SEO = trying to spam Google. They don't really like that.
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    I think that in this case googling for SEO services and contracting the first result should be a good strategy.
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    I have been doing website optimization by myself and have learned a lot.
    I'm doing external links recently, do you want to link friends? help me :)
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    This is my website, give me some advice .
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    @kateliuyi Performance is not bad, but the layout shift sucks because of the ads crap. You should at least reserve the space in the initial layout (container with dimensions in CSS).

    Also, the caching time of 24h for static resources is too short. Make that 30 days except for the root document and version your linked static resources in their file names.

    Use passive event listeners for touch/wheel events - don't forget the feature detection for old browsers because it's a breaking change.

    Your HTML doesn't validate: https://validator.w3.org/

    Accessibility is also lacking: https://wave.webaim.org/
    (your biggest blind user is the Google bot!)
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    Thank you, I will correct it now!
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    SEO takes time, patience and skill.
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