DevRant roughly uses half a GB of space on my iphone. When checking the stats the app is just above 8 mb in size and the rest is documents and data.

Tried cleaning the image cache but only reduced usage by something like 15 mb.

I need some of that space, man!!

Seriously though, to me devRant does not sound like a half a GB app. Bug?

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    It's all image cache (the app can't delete all of it on its own). The way iOS handles it is by pretty much handling it all on its own and just clearing it out when you need space. If it doesn't do that or it's bothering you you can always just delete the app and re-install.

    But you'll notice any image-heavy app functions he same way. Twitter on my iPhone is using 500mb and Chrome is using 750mb.
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    Ok, thx

    So in the future if I want devRant to stay small turn of autoloading of images aswell?
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    @SavageBliss that's an option if you don't care about seeing images.

    But the way iOS is supposed to work it shouldn't matter - the cache isn't using real storage space. It's space that can be overwritten any time your device needs more space, so it shouldn't be a problem anyway.
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    Ok. Cheers
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