I may be a bit tired, but why am I failing to find something that will aid me in getting to grips with working with databases?

I'm not completely useless. I know how a reasonably good database is put together. Problem is that it's all theory and no practise.

I've had a play with MySQL in a terminal. I understand how to create databases, tables and insert data.

What I really want is an efficient workflow where I can quickly put a database together and iterate through a few design or structure changes and then immediately make use of the data from within either a desktop or web app, depending on what I need to achieve.

I've always skirted around the idea of using databases purely because of the long hours I know I need to put in to be able to get good with them. Now I have the motivation, but the information is proving difficult to find.

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    why not use a gui based database editor if u're looking for speeding up the process?
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    The one I use at work is something like "Microsoft server management studio". We just call it fancy pants. Make a toy data set and practice some queries or something?
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    I think the issue is you're looking in the wrong place. Correct me if I'm wrong but is what you're looking for something that will connect the database to your app? In that case it's more of a problem of how the /app/ (language) wants to connect to databases. For instance Pylons (and I think Django as well) uses SQLAlchemy (an Object-Relationship Mapper {or ORM} for Python). So in other words, try looking for how such and such language connects to a SQL database instead of how to connect a SQL database to an app (in general)
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    @AngryDev thanks for the info. What I'm trying to figure out is how a good dev goes about creating, maintaining and updating their databases.

    Do they find and use a GUI db editor. Do they use pure SQL statements from within e.g. Swift, C# or js. Do they do everything from an SQL command line?

    I would have tried using MySQL Workbench, except this apparently is not available in Debian 8.
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    To preface, I'm a backend Java developer, so SQL isn't what I primarily do, but knowing it is essential to my job.

    At work, we use Postgres and I never use anything but a GUI editor, pgAdmin III specifically (tried pgAdmin 4 and hated it). If I'm developing a query, I'll use the GUIs SQL editor to write the statement and run/test against the selected DB.

    There is a command line equivalent to all that, but A.) the GUI is almost always already open and B.) I don't find being able to write SQL or understanding concepts as being tied to a GUI or console. Once I know how things work, I just do what is easiest for me.
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    @likewow777 thanks! This is a great help. I knew there must be a better way of doing things. I knew GUI tools existed, but there seems to be little discussion about them.
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    @likewow777 I fired up VMWare with Ubuntu and spent some time setting up PostgreSQL and pgAdmin III.

    Thanks for sending me in that direction. I haven't done a lot with it yet as I've not had time to sit and concentrate, but I got as far as setting up a user and a database. No tables yet.

    I'm liking the interface and especially the part where I can view the underlying SQL that is about to be run.
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