Stop trying so hard Microsoft

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    Don't they... don't use the same engine ?
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    That's Rude
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    @LotsOfCaffeine Yeah, but Chrome has Google's spyware while Edge has Microsoft's.
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    @Fast-Nop ah yes, that's true
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    @LotsOfCaffeine actually, edge also has deeper windows integration and more optimizations of which only a few got merged into the chromium project.
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    @bagfox I mean optimization sounds nice, but would one really need windows integration?
    I mean it's a browser, so essentially a VM and GUI for JavaScript
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    @LotsOfCaffeine The integrations are more targeted to old systems and infrastructure as well as developers.

    It’s quite easy to switch from Internet Explorer to Edge without many changes for an administrator compared to e.g. Firefox or Chrome itself.
    Also, as developer you can now finally use edge to display web pages correctly within your application - e.g. the new game I’m playing uses it to display their beautiful website’s patch notes in the game without bundling the whole chromium with the game or optimizing their website for “in-game views”
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    Behind that popup:
    Why are you so dumb? The browser you're currently browsing on is also on chromium similar to what you intend to download... Stop the dumb move fucker... We need your data too!
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    Anyone else notice the first result is to download chromecast? They really don't want you to give your info to Google instead of Microsoft
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    Meh. Google is not trying to do so with their prompt when you visit google.com?

    Last prompter wins. People are sensitive to the word "secure". Once they have chrome installed they'll never see the prompt again when they visit google, so they assume they're safe. Microsoft knows this. This is the only way they can possibly legally get people not to click install chrome on google.com
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    **Crying intensifies
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    Fuck off my AOL work like a charm
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