If you like purely electronic music, try drum'n'bass, more specifically neuro(-funk). Believe it or not, it really boosts productivity.
I can recommend:

For getting used to it: Noisia, Teddy Killerz, Neonlight, Zombie Cats

When you are used to it: Current Value, Pythius, Hydra, Jade, Machine Code

When you need the next level:

Generally good labels: Eatbrain, Blackout Music, Terminal, Bad Taste Recordings, Invisible Recordings

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    Name is *Gydra not Hydra
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    Neurofunk nice choice, but I prefer anything that has "core" on style name :D
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    @maximizer Call it neurocore then ^^ sounds like a good name
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    @stimulate I'll try it later, but there is DnB&hardcore mix named breakcore, cools stuff
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    Current Value is amazing.
    For A Hundred Summers is my current favorite song.
    Listen to The Black Wanderer and Expansion by Neutral Point if you get a chance
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    I confirm this. Listening only Neurofunk last months :D
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    @sudoguy Sometimes when there is silence around me, I hear a snare hit at ~86 BPM. It's like when you stared into a light for too long and can still see the light afterwards.
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