So im about to finish a mean stack bootcamp in 2 weeks. Im working on my final project and its nothing too fancy im just doing a simple inventory app (i have future plans for it to bundle it into an entire suite for a specific subset of retail). So i take my live coding exam and fork it (simple app with crud finished) and im trying to add an edit feature that populates tge fields with the prior data. Spent the whole of yesterday working on it from 12a-midnight. Just this one feature to bring previous values into an edit page. Seems simple enough. But it wasnt working right. So im looking all over posted on SO even got a friend of mine thats been programming for 20 years to help me and we cant figure out why it thinks a variable is undefined when it clearly has a value dorectly before the save method fires. (Console.logged that shit)

At about midnight i realize its because i needed to write a router.put in the api because i was just using the regular save originally :/

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