I just realized the problem I have with my team is that a lot of people don't seem to be any smarter than computers..

Usually when i tell someone to do something, I tell them overall goal and give them a general direction, the first step I would do. And well then tell them to go work out the details from there or come back to me if they have a **specific** problem.

1 month later I check back in and they're like I emailed ..., Still waiting for them to reply.


Can't you be a little more resourceful or creative, try looking for another way... Human....

I understand that, at least for now, I still need to tell computers exactly what to do and how handle errors...

But you're not a computer and the whole point of telling you to do something is I expect you to use your brain and think for yourself when something unexpected happens...

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    Choose another team!
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    I'd do the unthinkable.

    I'd call them... on a phone.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi they would need to know the phone number which I'm guessing they didn't try to find out...
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    Depends on the situation. If you are talking about new hires then you're wrong because you can't expect them to know the business and the MOs and other crap that's new to them quickly. If you're talking about old members of your team my guess based on personal experience would be that they could be:

    - simply lazy and not proactive
    - dumb or afrraid to appear dumb asking questions

    If you're dealing with new people give them a chance, otherwise have them moved to another team or fired.
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    @telephantasm they've been on the team for at least an year, have delivered some projects. Just general feel is maybe they're just not proactive.
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