I'm a junior dev and my seniors insist to use Hungarian Notation. Looking the code I found a variable called oAllProjects... This is a fucking array.

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    Anything but Hungarian notation!
    Welcome to devRant btw hope you'll enjoy your stay
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    I'm from Hungary but what is this shit?
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    Never heard of this. But where I am I'd take any standard over no standard lol
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    But Wikipedia says arrays start with arr.

    Hungarian notation certainly looks interesting but it's not easy to follow and implement if you are not used to it.
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    For me (and I recall when the ide / editor didn't colour syntax or make it easy to find the type) variations of Hungarian notation were useful - but with today's tools, for me it's clutter.

    Still find myself starting to name variables in that way sometimes!
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    Do it if it's there standard but it sounds like the type of place you wouldn't wanna spend too long at anyways. So take all the good experience you can and move on when you've built up enough of if
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    For me Hungarian Notation just turns the code more difficult to read. The variable name should be enough and the compiler knows the type anyway.
    Thanks for the welcoming !
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    @lucasgonzalez you'll probably not get many disagreements with that here. There was a guy who worked in my place before I did and he use to use it as it was common in the languages he wrote previously. It drove my colleagues mad and they tried countless times to move him away from it, but it never worked
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    When forced to do GUI programming it helps, that way lblFirstName (Label First Name) is known to be different from txtFirstName (textbox First Name). But once inside of the business or database logic I don't have sFirstName.

    As an aside if you have a dyslexic teammate Hungarian really screws with them. That's also why I use CamelCase.
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    I remember coding when Hungarian notation was a thing and we had company wide standards forcing its use. I can't imagine ever using it again... it just pollutes code and makes things less readable to me.
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    @h3ll we don't have pirates. it was deffinitely an archer riding a horse backwards.
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    Checkstyle up in that biiiitch. Should help somewhat.
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