Interviewing front end developers with my boss.

Only skill I care about is knowing git.



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    Why not spend some resources to teach them GIT? Why miss the most amazing front end developer just because they don't yet know about the marvelous world of GIT?

    But I agree, it should be common knowledge for a developer.
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    It's really damn easy to teach someone git. I never look for specific skills but for the ability to learn. It will be much more valuable in the long run.
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    Vs code the best way for a front-end people
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    I know some front end and back end and I know git
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    @inpothet cool bro, got the basics, now you can start getting to actual work :p
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    Git is something can be learned, it's really not that hard. If interviewing a front end dev I'd probably just say something along the lines of "here we make use of git, is that something you'd be ok with?".

    ThT gives them the opportunity to reply and hopefully say they learn it.
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    Someone with excess time/energy should make a git version of hginit.com. Something like that is really all you need to get started with DVCS.
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    Front end dev here. I use sourcetree, it works perfectly alright..?
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    I'd say your over emphasizing Git as a skill set. it's a code repo that u manage using some git commands. it's not that big a deal.
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    @jsdev SourceTree is a frontend for git and Mercurial. So, most likely you use git.
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    @GriffinSauce, agree on that. Another valuable skill for them to have is the ability to teach you something new
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    @cybojenix yes that is even better!
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