Just visited my new office! Tech offices are the best IMO. Open office plan, fully stocked pantry, bean bags, and a lot of cool stuff. Wayyy better than my previous job where we literally had desks and a coffee machine.

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    The company I'm working with has the same thing (add a table tennis room to that) but we are moving out of that building.

    I've heard talks about a gym in the new one!
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    I almost feel bad for people in other professions. I know this is where the money is today, but it feels like we're getting more than our fair share. But hey, make hay while the sun shines! :D
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    Well as long as you can do something a lot of people need, you're golden.

    I mean it's similar with quite some other (young) creative professions. A comfortable mind simply functions better. If you work with intelligent people on intelligent solutions you need to give them comfort and space.
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    Jesus that person's going through some tough shit.
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