All I want is a another DVI cable so I can connect my secondary monitor digitally instead of by VGA. From their reaction, you could think I had instead asked for a gold-plated desk. Was it really nescessary to have three guys check (non-technical people, too) if *they* could see a difference between my monitors? My primary one is DVI, and *I* can see that the monitor connected by VGA is blurrier. Who connects a flat panel monitor by VGA anyway? Just the idea of an unnescessary pair of analogue-to-digital/digital-to-analogue conveters in the middle of what should be a straight digital connection should be an affront to any sensible technical person. So of course, no extra DVI cable for me.

Call me stupid, but I think it has probably cost the company more money from lost productivity having three people look at my monitors instead of just buying me another DVI cable like I asked for nicely.

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    Buy yourself one, they are 10€ each, huh...
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    @filthyranter I have a better idea: I'll fuck off this crappy job :) This is just the tip of the iceberg of the WTFs that happen in this place. Maybe I'll post about my bottom-of-the-range Ivy Bridge (Celeron G1610T) dev PC that takes over three minutes to load Visual Studio. I hope the main point of my rant wasn't lost. Namely, my employer's overly parsimonious reaction to a simple request.
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    There's an old saying: "look after the pennies and the hapless mugs who earn them for you can go and fuck themselves". Devs being the hapless mugs of course...
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    @QoolQuy2000 Build yourself an avatar on your profile page!
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