I asked a question on StackOverflow. Everyone ignored me so I did find other way to do what I intended (it was still not an answer). So at least I fucking hoped to get another fucking tumbleweed badge!!!

So today a fuckhead, seventh viewer of my question answered it in a way that insulted my intelligence. So I got no answer and no fucking badge!!! FUCK.

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    I probably should not be so upset about this. But fuck me - this is still called a devRant :)
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    In my experience, StackOverflow is only good when your question has already been answered.
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    @Lel00 in my experience, there are experts in narrow professional circles that answer on specific questions that wasn't asked before. I got a lot of help when I was working with R language.
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    SO is actually a paradox. Asking is useless, but it is a collection of answers.
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