I’ve been an angry old man this week. Frustration is a bitch, especially when you can’t really pinpoint the source of it with any resemblance of certainty.

Maybe it’s that having been constantly stressing over the impending graduation and the effort required to get there with too little time and energy to actually achieve it is boiling over.

Maybe it’s the reality of having absolutely zero me time since last March playing fucking ping pong with my head.

Maybe it’s me having trouble getting back to terms with a certain codebase after being assigned to other projects for the last almost 1,5 years and now trying to finish something the ex-lead started before he left.

And most certainly it’s the constant stream of brainless verbal vomit that raises the misanthropy levels through the roof.

Fucking juniors, fucking seniors, fucking Swedes, fucking C-level arseholes, fucking green dots, fucking idiots, fucking ”woke” ass social media influencers, fucking posers - Fuck You All!

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    I just had to go check that I wasn't the one posting this rant, and that being the case I'd like to extend my well meant consolences!
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    > fucking Swedes

    Says the east-swede...
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    From all of the rest of us: fuck you too?

    (Idk man, I'm trynna communicate here. Dw tho. Everyone sucks and that includes you too! 🤗)
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    @NoMad ❤️💋
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