Seems legit

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    Ever since I started working full time in a start-up with hectic workload, the (rare few not terrible) devrant memes just feel like a personal attack.
    Lmao ouch.
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    A fresh meme?
    On devrant?
    More likely than you think.
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    @alcatraz627 honestly startups work you to death, I had worked for a start up and most of the time they focus more on deliverables than the process but technically the process of project managing will ease up the coding pain.
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    This is honestly sometimes the truth. Something sounds simple, but then you notice a huge issue with moving things (architecture is fucked). You find you are on the edge of disaster and one change causes everything to collapse. Then you wonder who the fuck wrote this shit. You look at the commit and realize you did 2 years earlier...
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    when working with startups I just don't write testing cause I know they'll change the requirements the next day
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