Boss and project manager calls me into a launch meeting for a new project. A stock management system for a small furniture company that will work over 11 stores, 4 warehouses and multiple suppliers which will also work as an ordering system. We went over the spec(112 pages) and I told him that it will be an on going project over a year with an initial dev time of 4-6 months. He just said that he's sold it to them to be delivered for testing in 2 weeks and completed in 4 weeks(they signed the contract) and that I'd best get started. I just closed my laptop and walked out.

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    it's always nice when other people make estimates for work they don't have to do.

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    Same situation in the previous startup I was in
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    I am familiar with this type of warehouse logistics project and you were right to walk out. 2-4 weeks? I would order a dinette and get a sofa!

    The boss and PM should get real.
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    Shit. By "walk out" do you mean you quit?
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    Get out now and work on side project while looking for something new. That project is doomed.
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    @kanduvisla I had to put a PM in their place for doing this to me. Now they consult with me every time before quoting out time frames.
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    @fatenuller yeah i quit. It was the last straw for me.
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