I generally don't whine about Windows...

So, I shut my computer down last night, I thought. But no. A rare OneDrive prompt prevented the shutdown. I don't use OneDrive. I've even tried to remove it, but it just keeps popping up.

Other programs stopped just fine though, such as my firewall.

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    It took a lot of work and time, but with the help of some online guides I was able to fully disable OneDrive. You should do the same.

    But honestly I don't understand why companies would make it so challenging to remove their apps. They know that if a person wants it off they're gonna keep at it until they figure it out, so why not just make it easy for us and give us a damn installer?
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    I dont whine about windows. I wine over Windows. (in case you didnt git it, i prefer using wine, than whining over windows :P
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