How do you deal with interview rejection? I thought I could be stronger especially since I'm in my late-ish 20s... But that hasn't helped. I still tear up and get really, really down.

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    Constantly reaffirmed superiority complex.

    You are smarter than literally 100% of the HR department.

    So, fuck those dumb HR robot peon pieces of shit. You're the talent... they're fuckin bean counters.
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    Accept it but put time limits on. I’ll be totally bummed for maybe 4 hours then I’ll be like dumbasses they missed out there’s 1000s of companies out there, back to applying
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    Apply to more places and never have one "dream" place you're after. Also realise that interviews suck, and doing badly at them is rarely an indication of how you'd actually do at the job.
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    Did you get any feedback from them?
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    I am conscious about the values I bring into team/company and I often feel that companies are missing out by rejecting me.

    Sometimes I'm glad to be rejected because I feel like I don't want to work for a company like that - something that you can realize only after the interview.
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    @DirtEffect I got some feedback. One was about "React skills", and that I was in the top 3 candidates before getting shaved off. It just feels... Unlucky.
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    @drewbie that really sounds more like bad luck rather than anything related to your skills or your person... I mean, depending on the number of people that apply for a job, picking from the top 10 is often just a lottery. In this region the applicants have about the same skill level, so the HR basically picks anyone of them.

    Do not let this get you down, and good luck next time!
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