I hate it when I come up with an amazing password, but I'm unable to share it with anyone.

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    Cool probably guessable though. Random passwords with a password manager are the only way, jose
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    Did you know devRant actually filters for passwords, so if you type in your devRant password it'll show up as stars - ***********, see?
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    ILikeJava ... Eww no it didn't. @alyx
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    @alyx Nope. It says hunter2 clear as daylight for all to see. You might want to edit that!
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    @Charmgoggles complicated phrases are as effective..
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    @Charmgoggles it is the password to my password manager. Now, I could use a password manager for my password manager's password, but that just seems silly
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    Change it and then share it!
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    @edisonn Someone should make a filter that takes sequential asterisks and prints out that many characters of their password. Of course, you would have to store their passwords encrypted or in plain text in order for that to work, but it would still be a funny prank to pull on trolls.
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