In the future you will be able to just buy things online with a click of a button..

Well, kinda..

After you first spend 2 hours finding all the items you want, since the websites search engine isn't very good at helping you do that..

Then, when you click buy, it tells you some items are now of out stock, and it has emptied your entire shopping basket..

FX [ Sigh.. ]

So, you go to your browser history and luckily the site is designed so you can find all the items you previously put in your basket, and it only takes you an hour this time to fill your basket up..

I guess no one brought anything and it went out of stock, whilst you was shopping..

Order goes through, hurray !

So the lesson there is, shop quickly online before your item(s) goes out of stock..

And, if you are designing shopping systems, don't totally empty someone's basket due to one small issue..

It's really annoying !

Whilst I@m at it, another website, has like 4,000 items listed, but you can't open in tab each item you want to buy, and add it your basket, nor can you do it from the list itself, no you have to click on the item, buy how many you want, and then go back to the list right from the beginning again..

I guess that means hardly anyone ever buys item number 4,000 !!!

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    They help you buy the items they want to sell you, not the ones you want to buy.
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    Do you still have the apollo domain/os tapes for prism processor dn10000?
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    Sadly I sold them quite a while ago.

    I did keep the front panel though and stuck it on the front of my fridge, but that got left behind in a previous move.

    I wouldn't mind getting a look at one of those manuals again, since it had the part number to order a cheese and pickle sandwich from HP in it, and I want to see if that is still in their stock system !
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    I'm really interested in getting in touch with the guy who has the tapes. Could you pass him my contacts - plamenspam ____a___t____ afterpeople.com
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    Sadly I lost contact when I had a HD crash, and my backups too. ( So much for mirrored RAID.. ).

    You might make contact if you ask in the newsgroup, assuming they are still alive that is !
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