REMINDER TL;DR: academic survey over devRant, 10-15 minutes https://forms.gle/do2KK8cGfv5w6cjY9

We are a group of researchers from Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands, studying communication between software developers. We would like to understand the role devRant plays in developers' professional life and the perceived advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

To this end we created an overview of the topics discussed. The purpose of this survey is to get your opinion on the overview. The results of the survey will be reported in a research manuscript, which will be submitted for a peer-reviewed publication.

The survey will take 10-15 minutes. The collection and analysis of the data are governed by a strict privacy policy in both North America and Europe. As such, your responses will be anonymized and any personally identifying information will be removed. While the survey has been approved by @dfox individual answers will not be shared with him or any other party not directly involved in the research.

Survey: https://forms.gle/do2KK8cGfv5w6cjY9

We thank you for your participation.
Foutse Khomh, Nicole Novielli, Moses Openja, Alexander Serebrenik, Gias Uddin

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    After all this time?
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    You lost me at 15 minutes. Also at long paragraphs.
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    That's interesting and all, but who's this survey gonna be useful to? I simply don't see the point.
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