I guess you could say that my speciality is cloud at scale. I’d say it chose me more than I chose it.
Looking back on it though, I think what I like about my speciality is the unique challenges it brings.
Every speciality has its own set of challenges, like tight resource limits in embedded, or client-server synchronisation in native/mobile.

The challenge of cloud at scale is throughput. Designing systems that can support 100K users making a bazillion requests a second, or a data pipeline firing events that you need to process in near real time without dropping a single one.
The real challenge of course is doing all this within a sensible budget. We have virtually infinite compute but we dont have infinite dollars to spend on it.

Its a fun problem to solve.

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    I have about 6.5 years development experience and no cloud management experience. If I wanted to get into this field where should I start? Also are fully remote opportunities common?

    I’m currently working in embedded and I like solving the problems in this area, but working in cloud development sounds more fun and could be more lucrative. There are very few embedded fully remote positions.
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    @jeeper My advice would be to pick a cloud provider and just dive in, start looking at learning resources.
    I personally work with AWS and I can testify that the content on Pluralsight is fantastic. There are so many awesome courses that will take you from the very basics of what cloud even is, right through to setting up your own architecture.
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    Also due to the nature of cloud I would imagine it shouldnt be TOO difficult to find remote opportunities.
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