Major difference

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    although I think operating systems r overrated, still, this is clever 🤓 ++
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    @xalez what do you mean? OS is at the heart of every damn piece of hardware with a proc!
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    @Plinn I don't mean OS per se, I mean the whole win vs linux vs mac thing
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    Every Desktop OS is shit. Linux is not better than Windows. Everything sux. Mac is expensive and buggy but easier to use. Windows is buggy but it works most of the time for most of the people. Linux is buggy and hard to use for most of the people and it is extremely expensive in terms of time you spend on solving very simple issues.

    The problem here is Time vs Money. Linux distros are overrated mostly by people that never use it for good. Sometimes by enthusiasts, sometimes by admins that live on command line.

    Linux is better for security and servers... and that's most of it.
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    Y'all realize that us computer nerds are pretty much the only people that even think about Linux vs anything. Let's just be happy with Linux and let the computer illiterate keep paying out there ass for OSs and keeping there computers running. I dream of the day the layman understands the struggle lol
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