Ever wanted to have undefined behavior in Python? Do this in Python 2 (yes this was supposed to be a fibonacci number calculator with a limit but one of my classmates forgot the conversion just as seen below):
def fib(n):
while a<n:
print a


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    Anyone so kind enough to tes this out? ;p currently unable to install python2
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    Well, it all boils down to a (int) being compared to the the built-in function raw_input (n). In Python 2, when a number is compared to to a non numeric object, the number is always less (for other incompatible types like list, tuple, str, etc., the comparison done lexicographically based on the type name). So, for example, '0' < 0 is False. The loop in the script above will not terminate. However, in Python 3 it should raise a TypeError for unorderable types.
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    @clickyotomy I know, but still...
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