What is this hate towards fullstack developers ? I suppose more you know the better ? I think you can specialize later, based on your work task.

Fullstack is the way for learning addicts as me.

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    You do you. I don't hate the fullstack developer, I hate companies hiring one fullstack developer expecting them to do the job of entire teams. It's why I avoid fullstack positions as best as I can.
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    Because then you are the master of none.

    I’m a Frontend dev, I specialized on angular in particular. But I still work with every other framework. I still do backend. And I still write Kotlin, Swift, go, C#, Python and some ruby.

    But I am most definitely not a full stack dev because of that.
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    @k0pernikus that is the issue of employer, but I really like to do different stuff and if you ever want to go work for your self you better know more than just one framework. If they want fullstack they should pay for it.
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    I guess there is a stereotype where full stack devs can do everything but can do nothing well
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    I don't hate full stack Devs, I hate companies that think full stack Devs are always the best option - and full stack Devs who think that full stack is where everyone should be if only they had enough experience.
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    You can be full stack and master both ends. Like @rutee07
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    I guess I'm a full stack. But I don't consider myself one. But it's an old term that is quickly loosing meaning but left with many old hang ups.

    New cloud native stuff you kinda have to be little bit of everything... but your team should still have some that are better at front and some on back and ... I can dev from React to the graphql endpoints to the serverless apps to the back end dev ops... but I'm better at the devops. Have a teammate whose a wiz with graphql and another who does magic with react and another who is up and coming python wiz.

    But we all can touch on every aspect. So we're all fullstack... but they come to me for architecture. And the other guy for ux and so on.
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    The hate towards full stack developer is that everyone was once one. Then they made the frontend stuff a bit harder (but also better in someway...) and then - people were not fullstack developers anymore. Meh - fullstack is in my opinion just a lame & stupid buzzword
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    It's the former dream became meme became sad joke 😔
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    There are multiple problems, me personally is the hordes of javascript people thinking they can do anything with it.

    Or the ones that call themselves fullstack and think designing or UI/UX stuff is part of the stack they are full of.

    There is nothing wrong ln knowing how to do multiple things, but there is a fine line between can and should do all the things.
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    I've never seen hate for full stacks, mostly just hate for job postings saying they want a full stack so he/she can do everything and they can cut costs
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