Holy shit. In a meeting that literally makes no sense. We're taking credit for work by claiming story points. Story points. How the hell does that work? Especially since we have told management CONSTANTLY that story points are abstract LOE shit and NOT time spent. Yet I suggest if we REALLY want to estimate who worked what we track time spent I get shot down. You can't get a concrete measurement from an abstract concept. Also, we're being encouraged to argue over who does what? What does THAT help? AND we're not even reestimating if we over or under estimating, but being forced to massage our numbers into the estimate. What the fuck?

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    Oh and I, and most of the other engineers, brought all of this up several times in several meetings. Management doesn't listen.
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    Story points sounds like the company dollars that would be used in old indentured servitude mining towns.

    Like, mother fucker, unless my kids can eat on story points, this is slavery.
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    Wtf? 1 sec. are you telling me that your bonuses are tied to the SP count??

    Alrighty then. Claim a small thing is 1m Story Points, them do it in under one hour. The spend the rest of the week im meetings. Use the prisioner dilema approach - to make sure every enginer has 1m SP for every sprint.

    Managment will hopefully get the message.
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    @magicMirror I don't think they are, but knowing finance they might one day.
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