Hi devs hows it going?
is there a java or javascript game engine i can use on my pc?or how exactly can i start developing games on my pc.
items i have: visual studio code, eclipse (JDK for mc hack clients (pls dont come for me))
thats all i got lel

i seen the legend himself used java to create mini craft which was my childhood school game

he also used typescript to build his pixel game xd
let me know!

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    For your convnience: https://phaser.io/
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    @webketje I was gonna recommend Unity... but yeah, with "newness" op seems to be showing, probably phaser would be a better place to start.
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    Godot, maybe
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    unity supports JS
    but google should have told you that
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    Out of curiosity: who dafuq is ”the legend himself”?
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    @100110111 Notch, I suppose.
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    @iiii beats me why anyone would think of them as a legend tho. A piece of shit imo.
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    @100110111 true. The only legend is Carmak
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    @100110111 care to elaborate? I hold Minecraft and its creator in high regard
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    well look who it is.

    im not here for any trouble xd
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    maybe Core (lua)



    is better
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    @webketje he might be a good dev, but it is impossible for me to hold anyone who spouts such deranged views out of their mouth in high regard.
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    @100110111 ok so I did some research and apparently he did a few things many ppl (including his former employees) were not proud of (tweeting racially insensitive things, selling out to MS, and being arrogant about his billionaire status). I suppose you were referring to his tweet "It's okay to be white"

    Still, that does not take away the respect I have for the devotion he put in the masterpiece he gave us. He should've deleted his Twitter account before it got the better of him.
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    @webketje that tweet and many other views he’s expressed. I personally can’t respect scum like that, no matter how good they are at their profession.
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