In a world full of game engines, only the courageous dare to use OpenGL.

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    Are you game dev? I am wondering, does the OpenGL harder to handle or anything compared to it's counterpart or competitor? Like directX? Or is it just because windows is dominating?
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    @wowotek not a game dev, we use it for data and network visualization. We only develop for linux so have never tried directX.
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    @wowotek OpenGL is more general than, for example, DX, since it's designed to work cross-platform. So with a native API you might be able to get some performance improvement, but practically give up on portability

    Though most modern engines use multiple graphic APIs anyway

    Also OpenGL is just a lot more pleasant to use, since it hides a lot of the underlying logic and resource management, which directx doesn't do
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    How about Vulkan? Isn't it supposed to be the successor of OpenGL?
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    @AdrianD Vulkan is also cross platform like OpenGL, but a lot more low level allowing it, just like DirectX, to be more performant than OpenGL, but a lot harder to use.
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