the most popular ecommerce solution in php is a massive (cosmological scale) pile of corporate crap (magento) and the next most popular is an abomination (opencart)
after fucking around with both for a month (the client asked for the project to be using only one of the two) I'm still barely reaching any results, and most of my time is wasted with the stupid bloated spaghetti that is opencart FUCK THIS,
like seriously. who the fuck writes a single line three left joins sql querry with four or five aliases a couple concacts and a bunch sorting fuckeries just to query the categories list, then just query the details of the specific category from a different function,
also why the fuck map each language string manually. or the fucking hardcoded seo urls, or the use of myisam for all tables, and no fucking foreign keys, let that settle for a minute, no foreign keys, the delete method in the model has at least a twenty lines, and then he came with the genius idea of duplicating models, in the front and the backend, accessing the same data, as the same user, but different naming conventions

I'm going to convince him to use something sane like codeigniter/laravel/fuelphp or I'll deny the project

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    Completely agree. Open source e-commerce is almost totally bloatware because every solution keeps adding more and more features to try to appeal to more people.

    There's no such thing as quickly rolling out open source e-commerce with a nice, custom theme and the odd custom or plugin based feature.

    Magento and OpenCart are bad, yes, but it could be worse, could be osCommerce!!
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    Oh, and that's very much a rant. Your "!rant" at the start is invalid.
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    that happened to me twice now, i tried not to rant but just mention stuff, ended up a big rant, i can actually go on more ranting, especially about eshops in php, I've had all sort of unpleasant experiences with those ready made solutions
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    @samk oscommerce isn't worse, since it's easy to convince the client that this shit won't work
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    @samk, he probably thinks it's like "!important".
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    Lmao. This rant makes look ecommerce on wordpress better 😁
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    @HoloDreamer don't get me started on woocommerce ... that tha.. thing is evil
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    @Eariel i was trying to act like i know what I'm doing but yeah, i just see it like !important or rather like #! shebang
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