Manager: we have reached record sales this month, thank you for your hard work guys.

Employee: can I get a raise?

Manager: your greed is hurting the company.

Employee: but I worked here for 3 years

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    Raises? We don’t do that here.

    Maybe if you moved to sales you’d get commissions and bonuses and paid vacations and public praise for your fucking epic sales funnel you’d be absolutely crushing, my man! But yeah, we don’t do raises for keyboard jockey work.
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    @Root well when a company has become I bit big they focus on sales rather than product
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    The things that raises are workload you will get.
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    @Root yes we do, don't ruin their hope. I just got my entire team a raise for a bunch of shit that they do on account of them being overworked. I carried a lot of this shit myself: "this magic happened because my employees took care of everything else while I pulled everything else out for you, make it worthwhile if you want more of this to happen, and btw, this tech stack? way beyond anyone you can hire in this area"

    Let us not think that spineless managers are more than a glitch that can be defeated by proper mongering techniques and balls out attitude.
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    @AleCx04 I hope my manager has the same mindset as you, I am now having doubts in my stay on the company specially now I have emails about other job opportunities
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    If your manager isn't giving you a raise find some other manager with the budget, then come back to your manager with a new job offer on the table. That's the only language they understand.
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    @AleCx04 I meant it as a hypothetical prediction of OP’s workplace, not a generalization for all devs.
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    Corrected :
    "Your greed is hurting the company's greed"
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